ready to increase your website traffic & make more money?



not flash in the pan strategies that don't deliver. You know that SEO is a long-game and you're ready for a marketing strategy that's going to sustainably grow your traffic and revenue over time. 

Long-term growth is your vibe...


but you're tired of the constantly changing rules and you know that there are additional ways to grow your business and reach new audiences that don't involve creating videos (ahem reels). 

You love social media...


but you've never been sure where to start. You've read all the articles and maybe even tried to optimize your website yourself, but never saw the results you wanted. 

You know SEO is important...


Let's change that with smart and holistic SEO strategies that align with your business, customers and long-term goals!

Your Next Customer Doesn't Know You Exist Yet.  

Feeling this? Read on!

Over 50% of product based searches start with a search engine. Yup. OVER 50%.

Every business owner knows that they should be investing in SEO, but few do. The online marketing world is constantly changing. Social media platforms are playing by their own rules and businesses are just collateral damage. The brands who have invested in SEO will win the long-game. Why? Because SEO is about more than just "tech" jargon and blog posts. It's about creating EXPANSIVE DISCOVERABILITY across multiple platforms and increasing your discoverability. So you can reach new audiences, sell more offers and grow your business sustainably.  

It's time to take advantage of the best kept secret in online marketing. 

SEO is the bridge that connects your amazing PRODUCT with the next customer searching for EXACTLY what you sell. But in order for them to find YOU, you need to start with the basics. From there, we create a strategy to increase traffic, beat out the competition and drive more revenue for your business.

Creating expansive visibility starts with a solid SEO foundation. From there, we can build a traffic-boosting house.

Effective SEO is more than just keywords

to having a sustainable growth strategy...

to knowing your website has ALL of the basics in place for optimal visibility...

to knowing you have a long-term traffic growth strategy that doesn't have to only rely on reels...

to thriving by doing this...

unsure of how to grow your business online...

not knowing if your website is set-up correctly for SEO success...

being frustrated with social media and the constant algorithm updates...

just imagine going from...

Ready to grow your web traffic with holistic SEO? I've got you.


Hey, hey

Your soulful SEARCH  maven

I'M Obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs create sustainable & holistic seo strategies to call in their dream clients.

I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs say buh-bye to scary pain point marketing and HELLO to soulful + aligned SEO that bridges the gap between your next dream client and your amazing offer. I believe that serious magic can happen when women get in a room together and I get jump up and down excited helping women elevate their visibility online. 

Mama, cappuccino lover, beach bum, corporate drop-out. Dog obsessed. 

Your E-commerce SEO VIP DAY

What does it include?

Technical + On-page SEO Audit
Keyword Research (100 industry keywords)
Blog Post Ideas + Titles
Competitor Analysis
On-page SEO Implementation (up to 25 URLs)
Technical SEO Error Fixes 
Custom Analytics Dashboard
G4 Analytics set-up support
On-going SEO strategy Roadmap
60-minute Strategy Call
Bonus - Instagram SEO
Bonus - 1-week of Voxer Support
30-day, 60-day + 90-day progress reports
Post project check in call (30 min)

Rome wasn't built in a day and your visibility strategy shouldn't be any different. That's why this container isn't a one-time, never see you again deal. 


Nope. You get 30-day, 60-day and 90-day report cards on your website's progress, plus a 30-minute check in call 3-months post project.

- @littlemiabella

"I've learned a LOT by working with Nina...about my business, my competitors, and how to get in front of my ideal clients. Nina has helped me understand SEO, get my products to show up on google, and how to strategically show up above my competitors - without paying for ads! This has increased my website visibility tremendously. In just a few weeks since optimization, I'm on the first page just below Amazon when you search for one of my top keywords. How freakin' amazing is that?!"

love notes

Sounds amazing, right?

You're looking for long-term growth strategies for your business. Not just the latest trends.

you're tired of diy and technical articles that don't make any sense. you're ready to invest in an expert.

you're ready to cross seo off your to-do list once and for all and finally have a plan on how to continue driving organic traffic.

This is perfect for you if...


"Nina knows her shit! She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about SEO and helping small (and large) businesses grow. She's also really nice and accommodating and very helpful in clearing up any confusion...there are no dumb questions! It's well worth the investment and I highly recommend having Nina work her magic and help get the SEO ball rolling in your business."

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low monthly plan

Yes! Can't wait to get started!

ready to make a move?

If you have a large website, no worries, I've got you. We can chat about a custom SEO solution that works best for your business! 

MY WEBSITE IS HUGE, is this still for me?

No! This is a done for you process where I do 99.9% of the heavy lifting! The #1 thing you can do to propel your strategy forward after we are finished working together is to implement the strategies outlined in your ongoing SEO roadmap!


I don't write the blog content for you, but you will 100% get blog post title and topic guidance based on in-depth keyword research and what your customers are searching for!


Like anything in business, NGCO cannot guarantee any SEO results. But no matter where you are in your SEO journey, I can guarantee that this process will at the very least lay down a foundation for enhanced visibility that will help your website grow more traffic over time.


Have Questions? I've got answers.