The Power of Storytelling For Your Brand Visibility with Michelle Kuei


Everybody has a story. Everybody has something of value to share. But do you know how to harness that power within yourself to elevate your visibility?

In today’s episode of Elevated Visibility, we have an amazing and awe-inspiring guest, Michelle Kuei. She is an international speaker, certified Visibility Coach, content marketing strategist, and author, who mentors women to use the power of storytelling as their secret sauce in attracting clients and turning their passion for coaching into a profitable business.

Tune in to hear Michelle’s truly incredible story, learn all about storytelling, and discover a whole new way of looking at your inner critic.

In this episode:

  • Michelle’s story and entrepreneurship journey
  • Storytelling marketing and how Michelle started using it
  • How Michelle conquered the Machu Picchu trail (on her crutches)
  • How to use storytelling
  • The way to attract the clients that are meant for you
  • Your inner critic can actually be your superpower

Elevated Visibility: practical SEO, marketing, and soul-talk for female founders with zero bullshit + 100% compassion.

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Connect with Michelle  

She is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Visibility Coach, Certified Storytelling Master, Content Marketing Strategist, and Email Marketer, who loves to help women coaches use the power of storytelling to get seen, heard, and hired so they can turn a passion for coaching into a profitable business.

Instagram: @elevatelifecoach

Podcast: Make It Visible


Connect with Nina

Nina Gibson is a holistic SEO expert and visibility coach, search maven, and corporate drop-out who is obsessed with helping female founders elevate their brand visibility with smart SEO. 



February 7, 2023




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