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If you are a maker or product-based small business owner who is developing your product and selling it wholesale, this episode of Elevated Visibility is for you.

Today, we’re going to talk to the amazing Kristen Fisher, who is the founder of the six-figured gifting business Bocu, a retail strategy coach for makers and independent retailers, and the host of the very amazing Product to Profit podcast.

Tune in to discover some visibility strategies for product-based businesses to make their brand and products more attractive to retail buyers and wholesale so you can really level up your wholesale business and get your product into your dream retailer shelves or just expand the number of wholesale accounts that you have.

In this episode:

  • From corporate retail buyer to founder of Bocu and retail strategy coach
  • Having a brand that stands out and looks professionally put together
  • The importance of authentically taking a stand on your brand values
  • The strategy behind building out your retailer list
  • Focusing on growing wholesale also means nurturing direct customers
  • Leverage legacy content on your website for wholesale and DTC growth

Elevated Visibility: practical SEO, marketing, and soul-talk for female founders with zero bullshit + 100% compassion.

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Check out Primally Pure a skincare company that has leveled up its focus on being a sustainable brand in a really authentic way with their beauty packaging collection program.

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Connect with Kristin

Kristin Fisher is your Product To Profit retail strategy Coach and founder of Bocu. As a former corporate retail buyer and six-figured gifting business owner, she helps female, product-based small business owners implement big retail strategies for profitable growth.

Instagram: @producttoprofitcoach

Podcast: Product to Profit

Website: shopbocu.com

Connect with Nina

Nina Gibson is a holistic SEO expert and visibility coach, search maven, and corporate drop-out who is obsessed with helping female founders elevate their brand visibility with smart SEO. 

Instagram: @ninagibson.co

Website: ninagibson.co

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