Understanding the Customer Journey and Bottom of the Funnel SEO


If you are a small business owner that’s serious about scaling your business, this episode is for you, because capturing people at different points in their customer journey is what it’s all about. 

So, today, we are going to talk about what the marketing funnel is and how bottom of the funnel SEO can be beneficial to your business, especially as this new era of search is upon us with Google’s new generative AI Search Engine Experience.

Tune in to discover how you can get more people to buy from you, whether you have a product-based or service-based business.

In this episode:

  • Why the marketing funnel matters to your business and bottom line
  • What the marketing funnel is
  • How to create bottom of the funnel content rooted in SEO
  • Don’t get stuck only creating top and middle of the funnel content
Image of the 4 stages of the sales process. Stages of a Marketing Sales Funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action.
4 stages of the sales process. Stages of a Marketing Sales Funnel

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Resources & Links

Catch up with last week’s episode Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New AI Search Engine to know what’s coming in the world of online marketing.

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Nina Gibson is a holistic SEO expert and visibility coach, search maven, and corporate drop-out who is obsessed with helping female founders elevate their brand visibility with smart SEO. 

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August 15, 2023




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