Why Personal Branding is the Key to SEO Success


In the new era of Chat GPT and AI, the content creation playing field has been leveled. Now anybody can create content about pretty much anything. So, how do you make your brand and your content stand out? Whether you’re a product-based business or a service-based business, PR will play a big part in making you shine. 

So, today, we are going to talk about digital PR, and how I think it’s really going to be a game changer in this new era of search. It’s going to be super, super important that digital PR become part of your marketing strategy, if it isn’t already.

Tune in for a little crash course in digital PR and establishing your digital footprint to help you stand out and establish yourself as an expert and authority in your industry or niche.

In this episode:

  • Google’s algorithm and E-E-A-T
  • What digital PR is and why it matters
  • Ways to establish your digital footprint
  • One thing you can do today to start
  • Focus on creating high-value content
  • Generate your own buzz, toot your own horn

Elevated Visibility: practical SEO, marketing, and soul-talk for female founders with zero bullshit + 100% compassion.

Resources & Links

Check out Help a Reporter Out (HARO), the resource I mentioned where you can get listed as a trusted source in top publications.

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Connect with Nina

Nina Gibson is a holistic SEO expert and visibility coach, search maven, and corporate drop-out who is obsessed with helping female founders elevate their brand visibility with smart SEO. 

Instagram: @ninagibson.co

Website: ninagibson.co

August 22, 2023




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